Landstrom Center’s clinical team has professional experience both in and outside of the school setting with implementing and establishing a cooperative process for academic interventions. We can assist parents and families with navigating the educational system, work collaboratively with you and your child’s educational team, help in understanding their child’s unique learning needs, and support your child both in and out of an academic setting. We know that it is sometimes stressful and confusing for parents to have a child with a neuropsychological or neurological needs and it is overwhelming to also navigate the educational system and potential supportive services. At Landstrom Center, our goal is to help parents better understand their rights in order to make informed and effective decisions about their child’s academic services and guide the level of support needed.


School Consultations and Advocacy can range from a one time meeting to ask questions to having our team attend a school meeting(s).

School Consultations & Advocacy may include:

  • Applying neuropsychological evaluation findings to educational setting
  • Understanding school accommodations and modifications
  • Working with the patient’s educational team to establish and implement a multidisciplinary approach in order to optimize success and ensure knowledge is shared across all treatment providers and professionals
  • Make recommendations to integrate findings based on evaluation results
  • Translate clinician information to useable information for all professional audiences
  • Assist in understanding the process with where to start with obtaining support for your child at school
  • Translating educational documents in parent-friendly language
  • Attend IEP/504 meetings
  • Directly consult with a member of the patient’s educational team.
  • Conduct classroom observations


Our philosophy is that a close relationship between those who work directly with the child is the way to improve and optimize outcomes.  We do this by employing a multidisciplinary approach and striving to working collaboratively with all of your child’s providers.  At Landstrom Center, our clinical staff has extensive first-hand experience working in the school setting as licensed school psychologists and licensed school social workers. Our clinical staff has continued to stay involved with the educational system by continuing to work and contract with schools, attending school conferences, presenting and attending at al the national school psychology conference, and being active participants in many school related groups. This experience and in-depth knowledge of the school setting and school interventions allows our staff to help you and your child and ensure success.


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