About Us

Landstrom Center is a private practice that provides neuropsychological and related services. Landstrom Center was founded in 2015 by Dr. Matthew Landstrom with a goal of bringing together a team of clinical professionals who are committed and enthusiastic about data-driven and evidence-based approaches. This goal was grounded in Dr. Landstrom’s unique approach to treatment which fully utilizes comprehensive diagnostic evaluations in order to provide the best and most individualized services, treatments, and resources for each patient. Today, Landstrom Center offers an extensive list of services and is continuing to grow.

As a neuropsychological center, our clinical team is distinguished from other clinical psychologists by our knowledge of the brain, neuroanatomy, and neurological disease. Our team utilizes their expertise in brain-behavior relationships to evaluate cognitive and emotional difficulties, educate patients and their families about what to expect, treat emotional symptoms and cognitive deficits, and advocate for broader understanding of neurological and psychological disorders. At Landstrom Center, we are passionate about providing a unique perspective and a comprehensive, collaborative approach to each individual patient's care.