Step 1: Intake

The intake appointment focuses on discussing what brought you to us, current concerns, and gathering relevant background information, such as mental health, medical events and history, and academic/occupational functioning.

Prior to the appointment, you will be asked to complete a patient history questionnaire through our online paperwork platform. Through this platform you will also be asked to provide any relevant records including any previous evaluation reports, school records or reports, accommodations or modifications, and other medical records. We are happy to help coordinating with providers if you do not have copies of the records.

Prior to the appointment, we may also ask to consult with the referring provider. Such individuals may include therapist, school psychologist or counselor, case manager, psychiatrist, primary care physician, etc. Note: A consent to release form will need to be completed for each individual. Continually, an additional informant, such as a parent, spouse or significant other will also be asked to complete an additional set of questionnaires. Even for patients over the age of 18, having an additional informant is often crucial to the evaluation and is always beneficial.

Step 2: Testing

Testing appointments are scheduled to begin at 9:00am which decreases influence of factors like fatigue while allowing the opportunity to complete as much of the testing as possible. Testing typically takes 4-5 hours and occasionally two days of testing is needed. Many factors can influence the time required to complete testing. We recommend bringing snacks and/or lunch to the testing appointments for breaks.

  • Testing is interactive, you will be engaged with different computer based exercises, block work, etc.

Step 3: Feedback

The feedback appointment allows your doctor to review the tests administered, provide an initial interpretation of testing results, and provide initial recommendations. If additional treatment or services are recommended, when possible/needed, you doctor will provide referrals that best fit your needs.

Step 4: Report

You will receive a written, comprehensive report which includes the background information, testing results, diagnosis, and detailed recommendations. Upon request, the evaluation report can be forwarded to additional parties such as the patient’s therapist, primary care physician or school.

Reports vary in time and length to complete due to the individualization and special attention every report is given. If the report is needed on a certain date, please notify the office staff.

Step 5: Follow up

Landstrom Center wants to ensure successful treatment after the evaluation. We typically schedule your follow-up appointment about 4 weeks after you have received your report. During this appointment, your doctor will review progress and current treatments. If needed, recommendations may be adjusted, removed, added, or updated.

Additional Appointments

Still have questions? Or just want to talk with your doctor? No problem! You are welcome to schedule additional appointments as needed! Patients can follow up on regular intervals or on an as needed basis.