Memory Training is program for helping individuals of all ages sustainably improve memory and attention. Memory training is intended to improve our memory by using a combination of compensatory and remedial strategies, which addresses both the shortcomings of the memory system and strategies for accommodating weaknesses. At Landstorm Center, our comprehensive diagnostic evaluations will allow our clinical team to pinpoint exactly where memory and attention issues are stemming from. Our clinical team will then be able to determine what type of memory is in need of intervention and what intervention will be best for each individual patient. Memory training will allow patients to improve their attention, concentration, and working and long-term memory.

Signs of a Working Memory deficit may include:

  • Needing frequent reminders
  • Difficulty multitasking
  • Trouble expressing ideas
  • Forgetting multistep directions
  • Forgetting what was just said

Signs of a Long-term Memory deficit may include:

  • Getting lost in familiar places
  • Difficulty remembering stories or memorizing facts
  • Trouble retrieving information
  • Poor retention of information


Memory Training has a strong basis of support in research. At Landstrom Center, Memory Training is individualized to meet the needs of the patient using evidence-based exercises and strategies specifically designed to enhance memory. Our clinical team will guide each patient through Memory Training.

  • Intake - An initial intake appointment will allow the patient and clinician to determine goals and schedule training appointments. (Note: If the patient has not completed an evaluation, a consultation appointment will be needed to determine if Memory Training is right for the patient.)
  • Memory Training Sessions- Sessions can consist of computerized, in-home training sessions with in-office check-in appointments or weekly one hour in-office sessions. Training sessions are set in a module format using activities and exercises which teach the patient skills one at a time to ensure each skill is learned and improving memory.
  • Wrap-up Appointment
  • Follow-up Appointment


Short-term, long-term, and working memory influence and affect our cognitive goals and processes. Having a working memory that is able to recall accordingly from both short-term and long-term memories encourages stronger overall brain function. Creating a stronger memory can lead to a more positive life experience. At Landstrom Center, we are dedicated to evidence-based Memory Training. With the incorporation of a comprehensive evaluation our clinical team is able to pinpoint what type of memory is in need of intervention in order to tailor Memory Training strategies to each patient specifically. This allows us to give every patient the most effective treatment possible.


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