Introducing Our New Clinician

Landstrom Center is excited to welcome Dr. Marc Oster to our clinical team. Dr. Oster brings with him extensive professional experience, a dedication for teaching, and a passion for a collaborative approach to treatment that works to meet the unique needs of every patient.  Learn more about Dr. Oster below.

Marc Oster, Psy.D., ABPH

Clinical Health Psychologist | Now accepting new patients

I was always fascinated by people's behavior, how they think and understand the world around them. I would agree that many of us, psychological service providers, also want understand ourselves better as well. In my own journey, I faced a decision to pursue psychology or medicine. At first psychology was the choice because medicine would have taken so long. As it turned out, psychology took just as long. Secondly, I was drawn to the idea of working primarily with words and image, thus - my interest and hypnosis.

I see the patient's role as that of collaborator, a partner. I believe we all have within us resources to solve most of our problems. In my role, I bring empathy and technical knowledge but the patient brings as tools for us to use – their symptoms and experiences.

My role in our relationship is to be open to the patient’s experience of their symptoms or illness and understand that experience. I apply technical and artistic skills to help the patient to integrate their condition into their life, restoring or resetting a balance in all spheres of life, the biological, psychological, social and spiritual.

Health is achieved when there is a balance and interaction between the four spheres mentioned above. My modalities helped this process by demonstrating to the patient that they can influence their health. They learn tools that they can apply to their current problems and elsewhere in their lives and experience a sense of mastery. My interests lie in behavioral medicine, wherein most all of my patients are struggling with a chronic medical condition as our primary focus or as a secondary focus. I see children (age 12 or older) with medical problems, such as encopresis, or procedural anxiety and pain management, vocal cord dysfunction, and sports induced asthma but mainly treat adults of any age.

Clinical Focus Areas

  • Health & Medical Psychology                
  • Chronic illness (Cancer, diabetes, autoimmune related illnesses, functional or somatic symptom disorders, pain acute of chronic, surgical or procedural preparation, IBS, related anxiety and depression)
  • Procedure preparation (Surgery, childbirth)
  • Psychotherapy                  
  • Life transitions (Normal aging, retirement, living with a terminal diagnosis or alteration in body integrity or function, finishing college, retirement, end of life issues, loss of spouse)  
  • Anxiety, Depression  
  • Living with someone with above medical conditions or situations
  • Performance Related
  • Hypnosis
  • Forensic Psychology                
  • High risk employment or fitness evaluations and assessments
  • Expert witness or consultant for civil cases. Includes records review, case planning, plaintiff examination, supervision/consultation with other psychologists


  • Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology            
  • Forest Institute of Professional Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology            
  • Western Michigan University
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology            
  • Western Michigan University
  • Certificate in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (#0072)            
  • Center for Cognitive Therapy, Training, and Research of the Adler School of Professional Psychology


  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist (IL Lic #071003853)
  • Fellow, American Psychological Association (elected 2002)
  • Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Hypnosis (ABPH, #214)
  • Life-Fellow, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (elected 2015)
  • Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis (#081), American Society of Clinical Hypnosis


  • Society for Police and Criminal Psychology, Member
  • Association for Applied Sports Psychology, Professional Member
  • American Psychological Association, Fellow
  • American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Life-Fellow
  • American Board of Psychological Hypnosis, Board Member

Dr. Oster is now accepting new patients. To schedule your appointment today, call Landstrom Center at 708-665-5170.