Landstrom Center works to provide a comprehensive range of quality services. Many services, treatments, and resources are available within Landstrom Center. However, we recognize there are numerous providers who are experts and specialists within their fields. Landstrom Center has built a strong working relationship with these providers to facilitate the best service options possible and tailor all services and treatment plans specifically to each patient’s individual needs. Landstrom Center is privileged and honored to work collaboratively with patients, providers, and all treatment professionals.

To make the referral experience as smooth as possible for everyone, we have created the following provider referral form. To refer a potential patient to Landstrom Center, please complete the referral form and send it to our main office via fax at (847) 906-1086 or via email at [email protected]. Thank you for referring to Landstrom Center.

 Neuropsychological/Psychological Evaluation Referral Form